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Am I allowed to use the cliché depends what you are looking for :-)

I have divided my unit up into two streams, this makes identifying the
appropriate candidate and their qualities easier to locate e.g. should
the candidate be an out and out technical resource or should they have
a mix between systems analysis and soft skills.

Unit Streams:
1. Client facing (those that interact with our internal IT areas i.e.
customers) and

1. Enablement (those that ensure monitoring tools are effective and
optimally used to deliver functionally)

See below for the job roles, you can of course mix and match these
competencies based on your organization size and needs.

Systems Analyst (Client Facing):
Interact with IT/Service managers within IT domains to gather
monitoring needs and requirements
Interaction with business, technical support and operations teams to
Identify business systems, interfaces, applications and infrastructure
components upon which the business services run
Using appropriate business process modeling tools, produce necessary
documentation (including functional diagrams) showing all component
interdependency as input into monitoring solution design
Produce relevant monitoring documentation to support domain monitoring

Architecture & Design (non client facing):

Gather detailed design requirements from System Analyst
Based on the domain requirements review our current solution offering
for appropriateness, otherwise produce an appropriate monitoring
Working together with the systems analysts and the monitoring system
developers, run a task to develop, source or custom fit necessary user
Work with release management to ensure monitoring standards are being
adhered to
Working in consultation with vendors and other stakeholders produce
and document monitoring standards

Solution Developers (non client facing):
Investigate and Test Monitoring tools to satisfy client needs
Perform Gap Analysis on Tools
Plan, install and configure all necessary monitoring including licensing.
Working together with domain technical teams to ensure monitoring
integration happens in a smooth non disruptive manner
Be aware of new technologies and produce necessary roadmaps of end of
life, updates and new products
Ensure that security, audit & compliance requirements are built in the
systems and necessary documentation produced.
Produce technical system support documentation
Provide appropriate training to administrators & support the
monitoring solution

Solutions Support Administrator (client facing):
Commissioning & decommissioning of new monitoring nodes
Ensure that security, audit & compliance requirements are met
Manage incidents, changes and client service requests
Maintain and update dashboards
Support NOC/Operations Bridge
Product maintain data integrity for historical reporting

Tools Support Administrator (non client facing):
Perform Housekeeping routines on monitoring tools
Restore monitoring in cases of failure
Routine Disaster recovery operations
Authorization of changes to monitoring tools
Produce weekly report of tool uptime, new monitored nodes,
retired/removed nodes,
False alerts, etc
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